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Real Estate

lifestyle app for iOS

A perfect easy-to-use application for searching accommodations and apartments for sale and rent. Finding the perfect home just got easier.

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The client came to us with an idea that needed badly to find its incarnation. The idea was to create an app that would help find rentals quickly and effortlessly. Until then, the idea had been intangible, but the solution was found at Erminesoft and turned into capital facility!


We were favorably impressed with customer’s straightforwardness and determination concerning the app’s creation. It was a pleasure to cooperate with our client, since he knew what he wanted, which advanced us in the process of key features implementation.

The Real Estate app was expertly designed to provide incredible user experience and efficiently develop to ensure fast performance. Dynamic pace and successful A/B testing were indicators of our successful strategy. Our customer’s business was powerfully boosted after the app has been created. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose all the monetization details due to confidentiality agreement.

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When working at the project, we always kept the main idea in mind. It stated that in the end we need to get a dwelling base that would be available for every proud owner of Apple device. Moreover, every lucky beggar should be able to find a cubby house where he could enter, fall on the cushions and gasp: “There is no place like home!” And we did it! We created an app where finding a snug place is as comfortable as it could be. The application is easy to navigate and is deprived of advertising and unnecessary high-pressure features.
It demonstrates elegant design and comprehensible structure.


User Interface & User Experience
While designing interface of the application we focused on making it intuitive and easy-to-use to provide users with quick search of rentals. Our team successfully coped with UX design by creating screen wireframes and transitions between them. After the client approved the prototype, we went on designing user interface. As a result, we got a beautiful application with eye pleasing flat UI design.
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  • Sharing in social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Pinch scaling feature for instant easy manual zooming
  • Property details include photo gallery, description and map
  • Search options (by price, location, property type, zoning)
  • Entering the app without the need to log in
  • Each user may add information on one accommodation
  • Geolocation (searching dwellings all around the globe)
  • Main screen displaying such sections as Profile, Feed, My Listing, Add Property, Contact Us, Settings
  • Premium role: Admin is the one who regulates the work of the base and is who able to delete it
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The project was written in Objective C for iOS 6+ versions with PHP and Symfony2 used. The application is supplied with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter integration.
Geolocation feature is implemented.


  • iOS Development - 250 hrs
  • Design - 80 hrs
  • Back-end - 160 hrs
  • QA - 120 hrs
  • PM - 40 hrs