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productivity app for Android

A handy tool for printing and graphic arts industry professionals

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The project

The client approached us with a task of porting an iOS app to Android. This process requires experienced mobile app developers to make sure the app conforms with all Android standards and provides perfect user experience and functionality.

This handy app is used daily by all kinds of workers in the printing industry. The application provides access to all the necessary information on the go, from envelopes sizes to federal standards. Additionally, a user is able to read the latest industry news and even to find the job in printing / graphic design companies.
Let’s look closer into the application’s features.


At the first launch, a user is able to sign up before entering the app. Registered users get access to additional features and calculators used daily in printing work.

  • Label Characteristics

  • Label Dimensions

  • Resource Guide

  • Labels


Each section is divided into several groups containing additional information on the subject. Thus, accessing the Label section, you will also find resourse guide, label dimensions, and label characteristics allowing you to further explore the topic.

Frequently asked questions by printing professionals

How to calculate creep of a printed item?

  • Creep Calculator

    This is a valuable tool for calculating the amount of page creep for a booklet or any other printing item for a number of pages and a given stock thickness.

  • Fraction Converter

    The handy tool allows to convert a fraction to a decimal, millimeters and picas. A simple table will provide with quick and easy answer to a printing professional.

  • Spine Calculator

    Used daily by printing professionals, spine calculator helps to determine dimensions of a book's spine, the overall height and width of a book cover.

  • Paper Weight

    It is known for a fact that paper weight is an important component to consider when printing. The app contains paper grades of different types of paper.


  • Development - 266 hrs
  • Design - 41 hrs
  • QA - 66 hrs
  • PM - 25 hrs
  • Total - 398 hrs