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Motion View

health/fitness app for Android

Set up an amount of steps you want to overcome within the day, count your burned calories and stay healthy with Motion View! Check the percentage of fulfilled motion plan to reach the goal.

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Our client came up with a great idea of an illustrative and functional, but at the same time easy-to-use application that would help its users keep track of their physical activity.

  • Today being trendy implies being healthy among other things. Having penetrated in all spheres of life, mobile apps are here to transform the way users exercise and keep fit. On the wave of this trend, the Client approached us with an exciting idea to do our bit in health&fitness industry and come up with such an application of our own.

    We strived to make the application as smart, efficient and visually compelling as it was possible to inspire all sport fans to reach new personal peaks.

  • Building the Motion View fitness app, we tried to achieve all the requirements of the Client and introduce the best functionality and impressive UI/UX design. The application helps users track key types of physical activity they perform, make dietary adjustments and reach fitness goals in building a strong, slim and healthy body. In order to do that, a user establishes activity goals for a certain period of time (for instance, number of steps to take per day), views their current progress and therefore is able to adjust workout plans or simply be more active.


Making an Android app that doesn’t require additional accesories

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Key Features
  • – Tracking the distance covered when Walking, Running, or Cycling.
  • – Measuring the number of steps one has taken during the day;
  • – Counting calories one has burnt;
  • – Building graphs based on available info on distance, calories and time;
  • – Creating and following one’s personal goal plans;
  • – Keeping history of one’s daily, monthly, yearly motion activity;
  • – Comprehensible statistic screen that gives understanding
    of one’s progress within a certain time period;
  • – Maps and geolocation options.


We are not afraid of new technologies of any kind

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    Android (Java)
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    Google Maps API for geolocation
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    Google Fit API for collecting activity data
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    MPAndroidChart as a chart
    and graph view library


376 hours spent
  • 40 management hours
  • 71 design hours
  • 222 development hours
  • 43 testing hours
  • 4 people involved
Google Play The app requires Android version over 4.2.1.
No wristband or other supplement hardware needed.