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social app for iOS

GlobBar is a great bar hopping app, with the help of which night clubbers can easily find the best places to hang out in and the best people to hang out with.

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Our client was keen to get an application for those who like hanging out in clubs and keep abreast of nightclub life. The app should have been the most convenient, functional and user-friendly as it could, so we started rubbing our chins right away, looking for fancy solutions for our client.

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Our Goal

Erminesoft went ahead with creating an app that would not disappoint all the party goers. Besides all the fun, we understood that the product should be fully functional and able to satisfy all users’ key demands. Do you know where the cheapest drinks and the tastiest snacks are served? Where is the most dispositive atmosphere and where are the most sweet and friendly waitresses? Do not hesitate to share all this info with your club mates and potential pals that go to the same places. Read and write comments, like photos and help cool bars and clubs unite bright people! All this made our work on the project fun and dynamic, and the results were not long in coming.

Key Features

  • Check in at clubs and bars
  • Leave feedback
  • Monitor live feeds
  • Add friends
  • Chat
  • Party hard!
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UX and UI

What makes it a piece of art


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Designer Tools

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    designing all of the screens
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    making prototype for usability testing
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    to developers

App Development

Erminesoft developers tried to find the most efficient solution to make the code as elegant as possible, as well as deliver the product on time and on budget. As a result, iOS Swift, RxSwift, Python Jungle and MySQL technologies formed the backbone the application is based on. Other technologies used included Facebook, Instagram and Twitter integration, geolocation services.

«I really appreciate their project management skills, their
honesty, and timeliness throughout the project»
- Founder, Partyzhere Corporation
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  • iOS - 519 hrs
  • Back-End - 443 hrs
  • Design - 188 hrs
  • QA - 504 hrs
  • PM - 182 hrs