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social app for Android

ChatBoard is a handy messenger with subtle design and unique features.

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The client’s desire was to get a handy messenger with subtle design, which would be suitable not only for smartphones, but for tablets as well. The app should have been endowed with some wider characteristics than an average messenger has.

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We managed to combine the functionality of a messenger and a mini-forum rolled into one. The client was happy to see such capable solution with subtle design and smooth user experience. Due to the fact that the app was supposed to be written solely for one platform , the product is truly exclusive.

In order to be productive and achieve goals at work, it is important to stay in touch with your colleagues, keep up with company’s news and be able to react to arising problems as quickly as possible.

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    • – Custom login option
    • – Custom sign up option
    • – Board profile and Personal profile menus
    • – Ability to view and edit profile information, such as name, position, age, email etc.
    • – Quick search option
    • – Phone and tablet views for diversification of user experience
    • – Laconic design of friends and boards’ bars with pics, short statuses and local time display
    • – Creating single and group chats
    • – Creating private and public chats
    • – Possibility to have two chats on the screen for tablet PCs
    • – Possibility to attach photos, videos and documents to conversations
    • – Adding people and conversations to favorites for instant reach
    • – Adding people as friends in one’s profile for keeping in touch with the dearest
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Two chats on one screen

exclusively for tablet version

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  • JavaEE
  • XMPP Server
  • Custom Openfire
  • Realm as a mobile database
  • Retrofit as an open source library
  • Smack as a client XMPP library


  • Development - 612 hrs
  • Design - 74 hrs
  • QA - 117 hrs
  • PM - 13 hrs